Lorraine and Abe.

The love story. The importance of a well executed love story can not be under emphasized. Weddings can be very chaotic events. Brides, grooms, coordinators and vendors can at times get wrapped up in the inertia of all that is happening while still trying to adhere to a timeline and it’s not always possible to focus on the guests who have joined you to help you celebrate your love.

Your guests are what make your wedding a special event. The relationship you share with your partner is your own little world. Only the two of you know how exactly it all started, and together collect the big and small moments that culminate in to a marriage that will last your entire lifetime. Some guests are closer to the groom, and others closer to the bride, but rarely do any of your guests know the entire story. That’s where the love story comes in to play.

This is your chance to invite the people you have chosen to celebrate with, in to that world that only you two share. It opens you up to let your closest friends and family members see why you love your partner, why you’re choosing to spend the rest of your life with this person and why this is the love that will endure all things. This is the point of the evening where you’re not just celebrating your love, you’re now sharing it with everyone of those close friends and relatives who have chosen to be in your presence and witness the beginning of a new chapter in both your lives. And as the story unfolds, the guests find a deeper understanding of the love you share, while I hope you as a couple find a deeper appreciation of your shared journey that has brought you to this exact moment in your lives.

I was able to film this love story for this beautiful couple recently. They have a beautiful love that fits so naturally. I shot their wedding last night and presented this production at the reception and I can now share this with everyone without having to worry that Lorraine is out there trying to find a way to get a bootleg or an early premier lol. I hope those of you out there who watch it, enjoy it. Abe and Lorraine, I am very honored that you allowed me to capture this for you. I hope did you journey justice and that I was able to accomplish my goal of aiding you in finding a deeper appreciation of each other. I have a lot of love for you guys. Lorraine, you have always been one of my favorite cousins but I’ve always looked at you more like a sister. Cheers to the two of you and congrats again on a beautiful marriage.


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