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So it’s pretty obvious to most people that I know that I’m a dad who is head over heels about his daughter. While ‘Dad Loves Daughter’ is probably not the most original concept in the world, it does mean a lot to me to have that relationship in my life and it definitely holds sway over the many decisions I make on a daily basis and influences how I live my life and why I do the things I do. So today as my focus is to get all caught up on this blog, I would be remiss not to include all the wonderful things that have happened regarding our little one, the center of my universe and the apple of my eye.

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I am very aware of parents who love to overpost and overshare about their kids and trust me, I try my best to abstain from being ‘That Dad’, but certain things can’t be helped. Humor me this one time and I promise I won’t let this blog turn in to daddy/daughter love fest save for this post. What follows is the almost two years that we’ve had from conception to our baby girl’s first birthday and I guess I just love my daughter so much I had to share it all with the world. Enjoy!


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